McDonalds in Blake Street joins 19 other Safe Place locations in York, providing the City’s first 24hr Safe Place.

Funding was recently received from the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in North Yorkshire to continue building the network of Safe Places in York. A new Co-ordinator took up post in September.

Safe Places are open to anyone who feels unsafe when out and about in their communities. This could include young people, disabled people, those living with dementia or a mental health issue or a learning disability.  They are located in public places; in a mix of shops, cafes, libraries and museums around York. If someone feels confused, lost, unwell, or scared they can go into a Safe Place to find a welcoming and supportive space.

There are over thirty Safe Place schemes operating around the UK and the nationally recognized logo and smart phone app will help visitors make use of York’s Safe Places too. The scheme in York launched last year, funded by York BID to boost the city’s reputation as a friendly, welcoming and accessible place for everyone.

It is free to register for a Safe Place card which can be carried at all times.  The card has contact details of two people that the card holder trusts to contact should they need help. You can sign up online

Maria Munday, Safe Place scheme coordinator based at York CVS, said,

“For some people leaving the house can be an anxious time. Safe Places are providing vital support making people feel more confident when travelling around the city independently. But anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable situation and our Safe Places in York offer a friendly and welcoming place to go for help.

 York BID’s funding gave us a great platform to launch the scheme in the city and get local businesses involved in creating a welcoming environment for residents or visitors. The new funding allows us to grow the scheme by recruiting more locations and by publicizing the scheme and its benefits to more people.  Having McDonalds open throughout the night is fantastic news for us all in York and I really look forward to working with them making a real difference in their community.

 We are grateful to our funders and to the staff in our initial Safe Place venues who have been so enthusiastic about getting involved and supporting their community.”

 Carol Newman, Restaurant Systems Manager at McDonalds Blake Street added ‘We are really glad to be part of this great scheme in York.’

Safe Place Scheme – a Safe Place gives anyone a go-to place if they feel unsafe while they are out and about in York. Staff in Safe Places connect them to assistance and offer a safe space to wait until help arrives. For more information about the scheme visit: