Over the last few weeks, like many of you, I have been writing end of year reports and working on our business plan for the coming year. We’re nearly there now, here at York CVS, confronting some of the issues that most of you share – how to develop and grow, both in services and quality, despite the perpetual and increasing squeeze on resources and rising demand. In infrastructure and support organisations, this is especially acute.  However we are certainly not defeated and looking ahead to the summer season with great enthusiasm.

A key element of our business strategy is supporting the VCSE sector here in York “to survive, and thrive”.  With that in mind, I am keen to tell you about these opportunities. They are all important in their own way.  GDPR is of course non-negotiable… so ignore at your peril!

Keep in touch, we love to hear your news, to work with you and to develop possibilities for the communities of York.

Data Protection: Navigating GDPR

In May 2018, new regulations come into force intended to give individuals greater control over how organisations use their data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect how organisations work with data and look after this valuable information. The new laws are detailed, with the potential for hefty financial penalties.

Whatever type of organisation you may be, if you process personal data you will need to be GDPR compliant. This includes anyone within an organisation that handles or processes the personal data of staff, service users, beneficiaries, volunteers, customers, members and supporters.

Here at York CVS, I have delivered several workshops designed to help groups and organisations understand this, and to help them develop the critical action plan. To find out more, check this: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/

Strengthening Leadership Through Coaching

Strengthening Leadership in the VSCE sector : A conference for Chief Executives and Trustee Board members. York CVS Priory Street Centre Thursday 10th May 10.00-12.30pm.

What’s good about your relationship as a leadership team and trustee or governance board? What could be even better, how can coaching support you? Join John Sargent, Chair of Your Consortium and Director of The Ideas Mine in conversation with coach Chris Lazenby during International Coaching Week 2018. What persuaded John to take up an offer of coaching and what value has he derived from it in his various leadership roles. What wider learning can we draw from this as leaders or as trustees?

The relationship between VCSE leaders and their boards is a crucial factor in the success of the sector. This is a rare opportunity for Chief Executives and Trustees to reflect on this relationship together. Please join us to add your experience and energy to this discussion.

To register, email Geoff Ashton, the Coaching York Communities Lead, at geoff.ashton21@gmail.com by Friday 1 May  with your name and organisation. For more information, call Geoff on 07735 467598.

People Helping People – the next steps…

What are we planning to do?

Back in November 2017, we launched our ‘People Helping People’ strategy for York, learned about the Cities of Service model and considered local examples of ‘impact volunteering’. Our launch event was a success: we’re keen to develop that momentum. 

Impact volunteering aims to:

  • Help local people find the best ways to mobilise energy, talent and passions to make a real difference to local priorities.
  • Measure results, rather than measuring how many people volunteer. Instead we measure the impact those volunteers have.
  • Create strong leaders to champion the approach and generate support within the city.

York was the tenth UK city to join the international Cities of Service coalition, sharing best practice with Barnsley, Kirklees and London amongst others and 200 plus cities worldwide.

We promised attendees, as well as people who couldn’t attend, there would be a follow up event in summer 2018.

Read our strategy here. #yorkhelps

The follow up event: one for you diaries! 

When? Monday 4 June 2018

Where? York CVS Priory Street Centre.

What’s it all about? To recognise and celebrate volunteering, particularly ‘impact volunteering’, and to explore developing an online skills sharing platform here in York, kick starting ‘National Volunteers Week’ (from 1-6 June) 

For more information click here

This June…it’s time to celebrate! Let’s make June a whole month of recognition and celebration!

Here in York, we recognise that our greatest assets are our people. Across our city, thousands of volunteers offer up their time in service to others. There are three priorities identified as important for York – health and wellbeing, loneliness and social isolation, supporting children and young people to reach their potential.  So we’re particularly keen to showcase and celebrate volunteering which demonstrates this, with measurable results.

Sharing is a really important theme throughout volunteering, whether this is people’s time, expertise, energy or experience. This event will also enable us to explore how we can develop the online sharing platform Comoodle in York to promote the sharing of ‘stuff, space and skills’.

Booking information to follow. Save the date now, it’ll be a great day!