Ways to Wellbeing

Ways to Wellbeing connects people to local community support to make them feel better.

Nationally, 20-25% of patients consult their GPs for social problems, e.g. loneliness. We reduce use of GP appointments for social issues, helping people stay safe and well at home for longer.

How it Works

  • We meet at the persons local GP surgery
  • Have a brew
  • Find out what life is like – what is important to them
  • Come up with an idea together as to what might help
  • Work with others in the Voluntary and Community Sector to make it real
  • Review it

We know it works:

75% of people using Ways to Wellbeing feel more confident and 80% have improved their wellbeing.

Get in touch:

Want to know more about our service? Email: Christine.Marmion@yorkcvs.org.uk

Meet the team…

Christine Marmion-Lennon

Christine Marmion-Lennon

Ways to Wellbeing Project Manager

Sarah Illing

Sarah Illing

Project Support Officer

Ley Robinson

Ley Robinson

Ways to Wellbeing Practictioner

Samantha Fawcett

Samantha Fawcett

Ways to Wellbeing Practitioner

Kathleen Renwick

Kathleen Renwick

Ways to Wellbeing Practictioner

The Impact of Social Prescribing in York

Find out more about Ways to Wellbeing: watch the video

Benefits of Ways to Wellbeing

Improved levels of confidence and self esteem



Improved feelings of belonging and role

Reduction in visits to GPs and use of other specialist services

Opportunities to foster new interests and skills

Reduce poverty: access to benefits checks and debt counselling

Reduced feelings of social isolation and loneliness

What people are saying about Ways to Wellbeing

People who use Ways to Wellbeing

“I feel that I didn’t want to keep on medication or anything like that, I thought this would be a better way… and certainly it worked out like that”

“It gave me more time to talk through the problems I was having.”


“It is a whole system approach rather than just fixing an illness or condition.”

“We’d be very dissappointed to see it go if it went.”

“Many of my clients present as being socially isolated. It has been very helpful to use the Ways into Wellbeing Service as a signpost to those people who would not necessarily have a support system in place, following the completion of counselling.”

Voluntary Sector

“The programme is a vital link between those in need and those that can address that need. It deserves to go from strength to strength.”

Student Nurse

“There are a lot of unknown opportunities out there which Jasmine helps clients connect with. She also offers brilliant one to one sessions with the clients to enable them to become more comfortable within their own community again.”

Ways to Wellbeing Small Grants Fund 

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted applications to our Small Grants Fund initiative! We received some excellent applications and we feel that by working with our successful partners we will go a long way towards tackling health inequalities.

We will be sure to be in touch with news of any future opportunities.


Ways to Wellbeing Leaflet

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