By the Ways to Wellbeing Team

Ways to Wellbeing is delighted to share with you some headlines from the upcoming annual evaluation report. Over a one year period, we measured wellbeing, confidence, loneliness prior to accessing the service and at three months follow up.

We found that: Mental wellbeing increased for 93% of clients

Confidence improved for 69% of clients and loneliness improved for 54%.

There was also a 32% reduction in number of GP appointments for Ways to Wellbeing clients at the three month follow up point.

This is really encouraging, the national average for has been given as a 24% reduction, so we’re having a big impact here in York!

Further good news is that 21% of clients went onto volunteer for Ways to Wellbeing, giving a total of 213 hours over the year.

“I don’t think any of the changes would have been made without Ways to Wellbeing, I’ve had everything offered to me by the family. I don’t know why particularly. I think it was just talking to somebody who listened rather than who said this will happen, that will happen, you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that. There was no pressure.”  Ways to Wellbeing Client.


A full evaluation report including our Social Return on Investment Analysis will be available in early 2019 but in the mean-time here are a couple of quotes we think sum up why our service works!

“Ways to Wellbeing doesn’t make you feel as if you’re a sick person or categorise you. I think the way I was helped to talk through what my possibilities were didn’t make me feel as if I was going into a group of sick people. I think that’s helped me most of all in so far as I can do an activity that’s helping me but without categorising people.” Ways to Wellbeing Client


“This is an absolutely amazing service, valued by patients and clinicians alike. It helps a cohort of people who fall between the crack of health and social care needs. The staggering improvement in wellbeing achieved by Ways to Wellbeing for individuals really struggling with low level confidence, social isolation and sense of community has been astonishing.” GP, Priory Medical Group.