Volunteer Independent Visitor with NYAS

We are looking for a child centred and caring volunteer IN YORK to do fun activities with a child in care. Training provided.
Do you want to make a difference to a young person’s life?
Do you have 1- 4 hours per month to spare?

We urgently require more volunteers, so why not volunteer as a mentor/befriender for NYAS as an Independent Visitor for children and young people in care. As a volunteer you will:

- Have fun, take young people on outings and maybe share a hobby , sport or interest
- Offer support and a listening ear and be a positive influence in a young person’s life and help build self- esteem and confidence

You don’t need any special qualifications

We are looking for reliable and dependable people from all walks of life
We will provide training and on-going support. We will pay expenses to a set limit.

Here is what some of our young people and volunteers have to say about this rewarding role:
"I like how my Independent Visitor isn’t anything to do with social services and is here to support me not to judge"
"They have boosted my confidence, now I feel like when I go places I can just relax and have fun"
"My young person always looks forward to me coming, they have had such a disjointed life, I am a stable figure in their life and this has to be important for them, as everything else changes around them a lot."

Location: York York and North Yorkshire | Organisation: National Youth Advocacy Service

Hours: 2-5 hours, once a month

Essential Experience/Knowledge: • Good measure of life skills • An understanding of children and young people in our society • An understanding of the impact of discrimination on individuals. Essential Skills/Abilities: • Good communication particularly with children and young people • Ability to promote the safety and welfare of children and young people • Ability to recognise and understand the values and behaviours of children and young people • Ability to receive and accept support and guidance • Ability to understand the circumstances of children looked after (in care) and children ‘in need’ Essential Personal Qualities: • Sensitivity to the needs and wishes of the child (or young person) • A commitment to children’s rights and welfare • Non judgemental approach • Reliability and punctuality • Sense of humour • A good level of physical and emotional health, so that you are able to meet the needs of the child appropriately

Closing date: 31-03-2021

How to get involved:
Contact Mahrokh Ravaei on mahrokh.ravaei@nyas.net or 07548705874

Web link: Click here