Lead Volunteer – Mobility Aids

This role is to assist the Volunteer Coordinator (VC) by providing support to new and established Mobility Aids Volunteers acting as the link between volunteers and the VC. Lead Volunteers can act as coach/mentor to other volunteers, enabling their volunteering experience to be effective and fulfilling. This is the ideal role for someone who is an experienced coach/team leader (or has leadership potential), and can be a role model and champion of our service and our Fundamental Principles.

Further information

Location: Kensington House YO26 York | Organisation: British Red Cross

Hours: Few hours any week day

What we offer: - Meet new people and be part of a dynamic and inclusive team - A great opportunity to develop your existing skills and gain new ones - All training and induction for the role (there is no charge for training) - Reasonable pre-agreed travel expenses for the role including for attending training - An opportunity to be part of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation and the knowledge that you are making a difference to people’s lives. We value the energy and enthusiasm that young people bring to this role. The minimum age you can volunteer for the Red Cross is fifteen years old, however for this role and due to lone working and coaching/supervising requirement you must be at least eighteen years old. Other roles are available (see Mobility Aids Volunteer role descriptions). We provide a well-structured pathway to ensure you have all the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake this role as soon as possible.

Closing date: 31-05-2020

How to get involved:
Email Linda on: wheelchairvolunteer@redcross.org.uk or call 03000 040309

Web link: Click here