On the 30th September, we held a VCSE Forum in order to understand the next steps for sector. A number of reports were presented to give attendees a snapshot of how the VCSE Sector is currently operating, and to generate important conversations around findings:
1) The structuredynamics and impact of the VCSE in Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership Area
Read the full report.
Read the summary report.

2) The volunteer response to Covid-19
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3) VCSE Resilience Survey: Key Findings
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4) Inclusive Engagement Research Project
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Read the summary report.

Some key findings from all reports included:
 – Most of the organisations across the Humber, Coast and Vale region believe that lack of funding and capacity issues are the biggest barriers to successful service delivery
– 88% of VCSE volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic were new to volunteering
– Most of the organisations delivering support to culturally diverse communities in the area are relatively small (less than 10 members of staff and a turnover of less than
£100,000 per annum)
The Forum continued with a discussion around the following questions:
  1. Where do these reports need to go?
  2. Who needs to see them?
  3. How do we get them to these people?
  4. Is there a call to action?