You Are Here is a series of creative installations which illuminates the stories behind everyday places. The project captures people’s positive memories of specific locations and shares them in eye-catching text displays.

At the heart of You Are Here are everyday stories told by the people of York. Real stories of drama, comedy, and romance that have taken place at specific locations across the city.

From city centre clubs to cul-de-sac corners, and from pubs to park benches, You Are Here installations can crop up everywhere – compelling passers-by to look closer, discover more about the people in their community, and truly reflect on where they are in that present moment. The event will run in August 2021.

The organisers are currently looking for participants who are willing to share their happy memories.

Please send your memories to and include;

– your name
– memory
– the location the memory took place
– how you felt during
– how you feel about it now, and anything else you feel is important!

Find more information on You Are Here’s website.

Text: You Are Here. solid line which then loops to make a heart shape and ends with a place marker