Setting up your own business is one of the scariest things you can do. I know, because I’ve done it, and have the scars to prove it. From marketing to finances, recruiting staff to building a customer base. All of these tasks take time, knowledge and can cost huge amounts of money – a distraction from doing what you’re good at and where your passion lies.

Over the last 12 months, Andy Simpson (BrightSparks CIC) and I have met hundreds of amazing people in York, who have great business ideas and don’t know where to start, or want to solve a problem in their community, but don’t know how to make it pay the bills. So we created Tribe York, to support these inspirational entrepreneurs and create a real grassroots movement.

Based at York CVS, Tribe is York’s first business incubator supporting businesses that want to do good at the same time as making profit. We believe business is best placed to solve community issues. We support them to be more socially conscious, and charitable organisations to think more commercially. This creates resilient, sustainable, and high impact organisations built by, and with, local communities.

We offer a range of membership packages to cover every stage of your business – from a desk and hands-on support, through to casual talks and networking.
The expertise is leveraged in from over 100 local business people from all sectors who have donated just two hours of their time in 2018 to support our Tribe. This network will deliver short lunchtime talks on start-up business topics, hands-on masterclasses covering specific subjects, and (we hope) develop formal business mentor relationships with our members.

A few examples of our Tribe members include:

TT, Inventor
Despite a chaotic life, including spells in custody, T is determined to turn his life around. He is an innovator, and has many product-based ideas that will revolutionise the way people live their lives.
Severely dyslexic, T struggles with presenting and articulating his ideas, and requires support to formulate his business strategy and achieve credibility. We have been mentoring T for the last year, and he will hugely benefit from an environment where he is around other innovators and social entrepreneurs.

DF, Life Coach
D has been a lift engineer for 20 years, since leaving school. He is bored in his job and, following a personal event in his life, has decided to become a life coach, supporting young men on the margins of society to deal with low self-esteem, life management, parenting and health and fitness.
He has no idea how to do the basics of setting up an enterprise, such as creating a website, running social media channels and tax/finance/legals etc. D really needs the support of Tribe York to ‘break free’.

Egg Cameron, Move the Masses
Egg is founder of GoodGym in York, and has recently set up Move the Masses, a social enterprise that makes exercise free and accessible to all. Due to family commitments, Egg is a Virtual Member of Tribe York, and is already benefiting from Tribe introductions to graphic designers, business strategists and local funders.
“We want to show everybody that you don’t need a fancy gym or special equipment to get yourself fit. We are surrounded by open spaces, outdoor fitness equipment and urban obstacles; with the right guidance and expertise we want to inspire and motivate people to get outside and get fit, for free.

Get involved
Are you looking to set up your own business? Been working on an idea for a couple of years and need a bit of a boost? Identified a problem in your community, and need help to monetise it? Plateaued after your first year in business? Come and join our Tribe….