Currently, no-one knows how many of the Armed Forces community live, work or have family members who reside with in the wider York population. This makes it difficult to both commission and target local services. Despite many genuine efforts to support the Armed Forces community we know very little about their needs, desires, aspirations or experiences. Without this evidence-base it is difficult for Local Authorities, business and service providers to be as Armed Forces-friendly as possible.

This consultation survey is designed to capture something of the membership, size and characteristics of the Armed Forces Community who live among the wider York community. So, please complete this survey if you have ever served in the Armed Forces as a regular, reservist or volunteer, or if are you are (or have ever been) a family member of someone who has. Please let other Armed Forces Community members know about this survey, including your family members and friends.

The actual survey can be completed on line now at

Download the Armed Forces Survey Flyer here.

Should you prefer a paper copy of the survey or if you would like more information,  please contact Ian by email: or phone: 01904 553964