Rachael Maskell MP, Shadow Civil Society Minister, has been asked, along with a number of cross-party politicians, to produce a report which will promote policies and practices that empower local communities.

Rachael is keen to draw on the lessons of the COVID response, and wishes to use the examples of best practice from voluntary and community groups across York over the past year.

In particular, Rachael is keen to learn of any personal stories from volunteers about how their work and services provided has made an impact on individual service users.  Rachael can then use these examples to develop proposals for empowering local communities and organisations and highlight the role played by the sector, alongside different tiers of government and public bodies in supporting the local response.


Rachael would be grateful if you could share the following information with her:

Any statistical data you have that reflect the work your organisation/volunteers have done in providing support throughout the community, and how your organisation has had to adapt in order to assist people in the community.  In particular, the increase/decrease in the number of volunteers available and the hours they have dedicated to support the community.


Any stories, experiences, positives/legacy issues that have come out of the last year.


Please send all responses to Sandi Redpath, Assistant to Rachael Maskell MP via: redpaths@parliament.uk


If you could provide this information at your earliest opportunity, as all the information from across the city will have to be collated and presented by the end of April.


If you are aware of any organisation or individual that may wish to contribute, please feel free to share this information.