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York CVS aims to provide support and essential services to the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in York. As part of this service, we would like to invite organisations and individuals to contribute to our blog, and we will occasionally highlight these articles in our monthly newsletter.

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Mapping Our Community

In 2017 York’s Health and Wellbeing Board launched an ambitious Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, running till 2022. This effects all of us, living and working here. It has four key elements: mental health and wellbeing, starting and growing well, living and...

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Spotlight on: Abbie, Healthwatch York Apprentice

A busy month here at Healthwatch York. Lots of highlights…but I’ll just focus on two… World Mental Health Day I ran the Healthwatch York stall on World Mental Health Day last month. I really enjoyed speaking to all the different organisations working in all aspects of...

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