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York CVS aims to provide support and essential services to the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in York. As part of this service, we would like to invite organisations and individuals to contribute to our blog, and we will occasionally highlight these articles in our monthly newsletter.

If you would like to contribute a blog article, you can get in touch by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What is community?

What is community? Somewhere where everyone belongs, feels accepted, valued and plays a part. Somewhere you know your neighbours and you feel safe to explore, challenge and try out new things together. Where you’re always happy to lend a hand or a cup of sugar as...

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The Challenges of Maintaining a Grade 2 Listed Building

We are the Buildings & Estates Team and it is our job to maintain the Priory Street Centre. The Priory Street Centre are grade 2 listed buildings built in 1858 and 1905 which cover 15,000 square metres.  So, as you might imagine this is an ongoing challenge for a...

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What’s In My In Tray!

Over the last few weeks, like many of you, I have been writing end of year reports and working on our business plan for the coming year. We’re nearly there now, here at York CVS, confronting some of the issues that most of you share – how to develop and grow, both in...

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Tell Healthwatch York what you think about them!

Healthwatch York wants to know what you know about them and the work that they do. They are currently running the Healthwatch York Awareness Survey 2018 so they can better represent your views on health and social care. Healthwatch York aims to put you at the heart of...

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Mapping Our Community

In 2017 York’s Health and Wellbeing Board launched an ambitious Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, running till 2022. This effects all of us, living and working here. It has four key elements: mental health and wellbeing, starting and growing well, living and...

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