Multi-agency approach to tackle Hate and Mate Crime in York and North Yorkshire

This week is National Hate Crime Awareness Week (10-17 October) and partner agencies in York and North Yorkshire have teamed up to highlight these often hidden yet deeply damaging forms of crime with the aim to:

– Increase the reporting of hate and mate crime

– Promote support services and projects available both locally and nationally

– Provide reassurance to those who may be subject to incidents of hate and mate crime

Made up of specialist representatives from community safety partnerships, local authorities, emergency services and other key partners including the Youth Commission, the Hate Crime Working Group has planned a programme of online coverage and activities throughout the week. We’ll be sharing these on our website and on our social media channels.


Play your part to put an end to Hate Crime

Hate Crime is an offence that is committed against a person because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender or disability. It can take many forms such as verbal, physical or sexual assault, threats of violence and damage to property. Hate Crime can happen anywhere; at home, work, on public transport, when out socially and online.


How to report Hate Crime

We strongly encourage people to report all incidents of hate to the police.

For example, if someone has shouted a name or made an offensive gesture towards you, or committed a more serious crime that you believe was because of your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability, you should not hesitate to tell the police.


Please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 1, and speak to the Force Control Room


If you feel threatened and are in immediate danger, always dial 999 for an emergency response


You can also report hate crime and seek help from Supporting Victims whether or not the incident has been reported to the police. Please go to or call 01609 643100.


Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said:

“Having spoken to many victims of hate crime, I know the shattering impact it can have on lives, livelihoods and families. To be targeted because of who you are is absolutely unacceptable. Too many think that the issue is not a serious one for North Yorkshire and York.


My message to everyone is that it is, and we can only tackle hate crime if victims report offences to the police – no matter how hard that might be. However, support is available from our excellent Supporting Victims team whether or not the incident has been reported.”


Odette Robson, Head of Safer Communities, North Yorkshire County Council, said:

“Members of the multi-agency Hate Crime Working Group are keen to use this week to showcase the support and interventions available to support those who are impacted by hate crime and incidents. We would also like to use the week to raise awareness of our multi-agency partnership, which has representation from organisations and agencies across North Yorkshire and York. As chair of the group, I would like to thank all those partners and individuals who are actively involved in raising awareness and will continue to support those in need.”


Superintendent Mark Khan, North Yorkshire Police’s Hate Crime lead, said:

“National Hate Crime Awareness Week is a welcome opportunity for us all to shine a bright light on this disturbing issue which often remains in the shadows and, we strongly suspect, largely goes unreported. Targeting hate at a person because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender is a crime which can have a devastating impact upon individuals and whole neighbourhoods.


Festering at the very heart of Hate Crime and Mate Crime is prejudice – prejudice against a person which can cause significant distress and harm. Often, victims are too scared to stand up for themselves. It is therefore vital that we provide as much collective support to victims as possible, and ensure that any information about suspected Hate or Mate Crimes are reported to the police or to Supporting Victims.


We all have a role to play to tackle these despicable crimes and we call upon your support to help put an end to it for good.”