In York there are people in our sector wondering about business development, how to create and deliver strong business policies, what’s the best way to tackle staff development and all sorts of other practical issues.  And then there are others, working elsewhere, who are equipped, keen and ready to help with these, indeed it’s their job to do just that! Unusually, sometimes there’s funding available too.

Next month I’m hosting a session, equivalent to speed dating. This will showcase what’s on offer – from York College, City of York, both York universities, Coaching for York and others.

When:        Priory Street Centre, York CVS.

Where:      Thursday  2 November 12.30 – 2pm, following on the Voluntary Sector Forum.

It’ll be informal, with lots of opportunity to chat, research opportunities and to check out about all that tricky stuff you’ve been wondering about. Unfortunately we can’t offer lunch, so feel free to bring your own.

To book: