Time to Talk Day took place on 4 February and what a packed day it was – radio interviews, a poetry book launch, a reading event, and trending on social media!

Because we believe that every day is time to talk day, you can listen and view all the resources from the day below, and please share far and wide to help us to continue to end mental health stigma and discrimination.


Champion Radio Interviews

Two Champions undertook radio interviews with 3 local stations and you can listen again here:


Champion Time to Talk Day Videos

“One small conversation could change a life” by Champion Lauren

“Small Talk” video by Champion Emma

“Conversation” a Time to Talk Day poem

Social Media and Online Publicity

We had fantastic engagement throughout the day on both our Facebook and Twitter and we were delighted to find out that our Twitter handle was trending at one point – thank you so much to everyone who produced content, liked, and shared our social media post as this really does help us to spread the message to end mental health stigma and discrimination. Many partner organisations and supporters were brilliant at sharing and publishing our Time to Talk Day work, including press releases – thank you all.


Employer Activities

Two Community Champions undertook private Time to Talk Day activities with their employers and several of our steering group Employer Champions undertook activities with their colleagues.


Reading Event

Our Zoom event was really well received and was attended by 6 Time to Change Champions and by 15 non-Champions reading poems about their mental health experiences, which gave us a great opportunity to connect with more people and spread the word about our work. It is impossible to get across just how powerful and impactful the work we heard was and how uplifting the event was too, rounded off by a fabulously positive poem called “You Matter” – thank you to everyone who took part in, and supported, this event.


Time to Change Poetry Book Launch – Please read and share widely

Time to Talk Day saw the launch of the national Time to Change Poetry Book that Time to Change York was instrumental to the production of from concept to completion.