Family Activity Group Leader

Big Futures Foundation is a charity supporting the education of children from disadvantaged York communities from age 5 to when they leave education or training at 18 or 21 years old. We help children and their families with their emotional resilience, wellbeing and life skills. Our goal is to help all children, no matter their background, reach their potential in the classroom, the workplace and in life. In the long-term our aim is to help close the academic attainment gap, reduce social exclusion and poverty in families living in disadvantaged communities. We offer children and their parent/carers counselling to help alleviate the stresses of difficult family situations with the aim of allowing the child to come to school relaxed, with useful coping strategies and positive about their learning opportunities. Alongside this the child participates in a long-term programme to develop their resilience and life skills. This will be primarily delivered through our new Family Activity Group. We hope to see improved educational, work and life outcomes as a result.
We are looking to recruit a new team member to set up and lead the BFF Family Activity Group.

Further information

Location: York | Organisation: Big Futures Foundation

Salary: £14.50/hour | Job type: Part time | Hours: 7.5 hours a week

Employers pension contribution and paid holiday

Closing date: 02-09-2019

How to apply:
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Reference: Family Activity Group Leader

Children and Young People