York: Human Rights City

What is York: Human Rights City ?

 York: Human Rights City (YHRC) involves representatives from the City of York Council, York CVS, York Citizens Advice Bureau, International Service (a rights-based international development organisation based in York), North Yorkshire Police, the City of Sanctuary movement and the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York. Financial supporters include the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Joseph Rowntree Foundation as well as the Economic and Social Research Council.

What is a Human Rights City?

We believe that cities, due to their size and locally formed governments, are ideal places in which to discuss what human rights mean for those living there. One way of doing this is to link human rights to the identity, institutions and culture of a city. Each existing Human Rights City around the world has built on its own particular history, when seeking to develop and use local understandings of human rights. Several cities around the world have declared themselves Human Rights Cities.

Why York?
York is uniquely positioned to lead on human rights in the UK due to its rich history of democratic innovation, philanthropy, socially responsible industry and a strong role in social justice issues. We believe that human rights can support discussion about dignity, fairness, justice, equality and progress across the city, providing a safe framework for complex conversations.

York became the UK’s first Human Rights City in 2017.

A positive vision of human rights…champion(s) York as a vibrant, diverse, fair, safe and international city built on the foundations of universal human rights.

To find out more, check out the York: Human Rights City website.

Liz Lockey

Liz Lockey

York: Human Rights City Coodinator

Liz coordinates York: Human Rights City. As part of her role, she’s keen to work with voluntary sector organisations to identify, support and promote the human rights work they do.

Liz works from York CVS and the Centre For Applied Human Rights.