York: Human Rights City

York: Human Rights City is a group of local people, including representatives from York CVS, the City of Sanctuary movement, Citizens Advice York, Explore York, North Yorkshire Police, International Service, City of York Council, Friends of the Human Rights Defenders, Higher York and the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York.

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York: Human Rights City Network currently receives some of its funding from York Independent Living Network and City of York Council. In the past we have received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, New Earsqick Quaker Meeting and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Human Rights Indicator Reports

How can York Human Rights City Network measure York’s journey to becoming a Human Rights City? The Network work with York CVS, City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and the wider voluntary sector to develop indicators in five different areas:

  • Non-discrimination and Equality
  • Health and Social Care
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Standards of Living

These areas were decided through a participatory process with residents and community groups.

York Human Rights City Network held a public meeting to discuss findings of the 2020 report on 10 December 2020; this special edition includes extra information on the effects of COVID-19, and response to the pandemic, within the city. Please find the British Sign Language translation videos for the 2020 indicator report here.


Please visit York Human Rights City Network’s website for more information and to access all the published reports.


Embedding Human Rights in Equalities Impact Assessments

The May 2021 policy brief highlights advantages of human rights in Council policies.

Noting the City of York Council’s adoption of an integrated Human Rights and Equalities Impact Assessment tool, this policy brief highlights the advantages of an integrated approach to assessing the human rights and equalities impacts of the Council’s policies, and it identifies best practices across the United Kingdom to guide the implementation of the new tool in the City of York.

Text: York Human Rights City. Illustration of a dove that has four wings spread so the image also looks like a waving hand.

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Email: info@yorkhumanrights.org

Address: c/o Centre for Applied Human Rights, 6 Innovation Close, York, YO10 5ZF, UK

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