My first month at York CVS
I’ve been in post as Chief Executive of York CVS for four weeks now. I think it’s safe to say I’ve hit the ground running, having already met all the staff individually over trips up North throughout September and October.
It has been great to hear more about our projects, including Ways to Wellbeing, Time to Change and Ready for Anything, as well as our work with members. I’ve also enjoyed getting to grips with other aspects of our business, including the Priory Street Centre, our Payroll service and Nursery.

Out and about
Since I started, I’ve been out and about meeting our licensees and some of our members, including York Mind, Yorkey Dads, Reshape, York Carers Centre and Citizen’s Advice. I’ve also attended events such as the Good Food Launch, Healthy Street Walking and Cycling Forum, our Ageing Well Forum and the Economic Vision for York presentation.
I’ve met many of our strategic partners, including City of York Council, the CCG, York Hospital, and the police. I’ve also attended a range of meetings, from the CQC Inspection, the Better Care Fund, our Ageing Well Partnership and Place Based Improvement Board.

Passion, pride and effective partnerships
The thing I love most about my role is the variety; I meet so many interesting people who all have their experiences to share, who often have a tough job to do in the current difficult climate.
What I have seen is the passion and pride people have in York and the determination to do their best for residents, whether it’s about the food they eat, the mental health services they need, the housing they live in or keeping the streets safe.  There’s a real willingness to work in partnership, with the acknowledgement that we are all in it together.  There’s also an understanding that we need to work together if we are to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

An evening stroll
One of the highlights this month has been a Sunday evening extra-curricular activity!  This was a stroll around the city walls at dusk, with Jane our Chair, and another one of our volunteers, Adrian, to shoo off late stragglers and lock all the gates. It was great to walk all the way round the walls.  This will certainly be on the ‘must do’ list for all the visitors I’ll be having when I finally move to York next week.

What’s next?
Over the next few weeks I will continue to get out and about to meet our members from the Voluntary and Community Sector, plus strategic partners.  If you would like to organise a meeting, email and we’ll be in touch.