What is Comoodle?

Comoodle is a free to use online platform that’s all about sharing stuff, skills and space to support great community projects. Built after winning a global innovation award from Bloomberg Philanthropies, it is now available to the people of York thanks to funding from City of York Council, working in partnership with People Helping People, Live Well York, York Time Bank and York CVS.

How it works

  • You make available whatever you like via the website
  • You have full control of the content that is yours and the terms of use
  • Requests come to you
  • You decide if the group asking for the items can have them.

Members can ask for any item that’s on Comoodle. If what you want isn’t there, you can post on the message boards. People can offer things for free. You can also ask for a donation or charge set fees, if you are a not-for-profit business or charity.

Why would I use Comoodle?

By using Comoodle you can make new connections with other people who have resources to help you. You can help them by making your assets and skills available too. Comoodle saves money as you no longer need to buy when you can borrow. It means you can get projects off the ground much more quickly. It is great for experimenting and prototyping activity to see if it works. You can even find people with skills to solve the problems that keep you awake at night.

Does it work?

So far we have proven this works in West Yorkshire by creating a community of more than 850 members. They have all joined in the last 18 months. Together they are sharing more than 2,000 offers of stuff, skills and space. To date, the programme has helped facilitate more than 1,200 ‘trades’ with estimated cash savings of nearly £50,000. When you join Comoodle, you will get your own profile where you can tell people about your projects or business and you can add photos and web links. If you want to ask for expenses, deposits or get people to sign basic agreements that’s all up to you.

To date, we have had no formal complaints and only a few minor issues with late returns or items getting damaged – people are human after all. Generally we find that everyone respects each other, looking after things shared and making new connections.

 How will it be rolled out in York?

To make this work in York, we have to start with the offers of resources. No one can borrow or request anything until it’s offered up. So from now til early March we want to massively increase the amount of people in the new York Comoodle network; to have a great listing of offers of stuff, space and skills and to get some great stories of what people have done to share with others.

So: have you got sports equipment others could borrow? Or equipment for cooking healthy food? Empty spaces that could be made use of by community projects? Get online now and share!

How do I get involved?

Your York home page is here (comoodle.com/york). Just go to the page and sign up. It would be great if on your first visit you added a photo to your profile and added some things you can share.

We are right at the beginning of this in York and you could join us to make it fly.

The York Comoodle Challenge

  1. Can you create your own Comoodle account and then get others to do the same?
  2. Can you hunt down some great resources in York and get them posted up on Comoodle.
  3. Join the Comoodle community on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  4. Got any great York Comoodle sharing stories? We would love to feature your work in a Comoodle blog.
  5. Do you run events that have other community projects and leaders? We would be happy to attend and speak, or have a stall to spread the word
  6. Have you got any publications that we could feature in? Get in touch. We would like to send you an article when we go fully public later in the year.


Any further questions? Email meg.etheridge@yorkcvs.org.uk and we will take it from there!