Census 2021 is coming. Census Day falls on 21 March. For the first time the Office for National Statistics are attempting a digital first Census, with a target of 75% of returns being completed online. Every household will receive a letter with details of how to complete the Census online. The letter also contains a unique access code, which should be treated like a username and password.

York CVS is a Census Support Centre alongside Explore York. From 1 March to 4 May their Census Support Team can provide help with completing the Census. Telephone appointments have been available since 1 March, and face to face appointments can be booked now for 15 March onwards. York CVS can also provide booked appointments for people to use a computer.

To contact York CVS Census Support call 01904 621133 and choose Census Support. The team are Emma Gallagher, Caroline Gaughan and Frances Perry. More details can also be found on their website at https://www.yorkcvs.org.uk/census-2021-support

Explore York are currently open as a provider of essential services. Public access computers are available for people by booked appointment only. Like York CVS they have been offering telephone appointments since 1 March and can now take bookings for face to face appointments from 15 March.

To contact Explore York call Acomb Explore on 01904 552651, Tang Hall Explore on 01904 552655, or York Explore on 01904 552828. More details are also available on their website at https://exploreyork.org.uk/census2021

Sian Balsom, a manager at York CVS said:

“During the pandemic we’ve been supporting people who can’t get online themselves to access essentials like foods and medicines. It has really brought home to us the number of people affected by the digital divide. So we were keen to make sure as many people as possible can complete the Census. We’re delighted to be working with Explore York to offer support to anyone who needs it. Whether you just need access to a computer, or would prefer to sit down with someone for step by step help, we can offer that.”


Gillian Holmes of Explore York, added:

“It’s important to note that although support is available, we know some people will not want to complete the census online. People can still request paper copies to return – it is expected around a quarter of people will do so. They need to call the Public Contact Centre on 0800 141 2021. If the household has more than 6 people you must also request continuation sheets. But for anyone who wants to complete the Census online, we’re here to help.”