This week (7-13 June) is national Carers Week and York Carers Centre will mark the awareness week by focusing on ‘Making Carers Visible and Valued’. As well as their usual free support for carers, York Carers Centre has lots of activities planned for the week including:


  • Voicefulness: a three week wellbeing course to support relaxation and your confidence in using your voice’
  • Communicating with Professionals: facilitated session where you can explore those challenging situations you may have had with professionals, to ensure you feel confident communicating your needs.
  • Menfulness: opportunity for male carers to meet the team at York Menfulness, for a relaxed Walk and Talk to find out more about what they do.
  • Speed Quiz: a fast-paced quiz night with Speed Quiz founder and Shed Seven drummer Alan Leach!
  • Legal and financial advice clinics: free telephone advice sessions with local professionals.

Become a Carer Friendly Employer

One in six working carers give up work because the challenge of juggling their paid work and caring responsibilities at home simply becomes too much. So having a ‘carer friendly’ workplace for employees can make a significant difference in retaining skilled staff, providing the right support at the right time to allow unpaid carers to continue their paid work. 

Employers in York aiming to provide a carer friendly workplace can contact York Carers Centre for support and advice, and work towards their Carer Friendly Employer accreditation. 

A range of employers have achieved the accreditation so far, including York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust this year.  Contact York Carers Centre to know more on or see the website.