How have you been coping with lockdown? Are you anxious about the easing of restrictions? Do we need to remember the former British quote of ‘Keep calm and carry on’?  For our safety, the safety of our loved ones, and the safety of others, we are all having to dramatically change the way we carry on. As is so often the case during challenging times, the key to keeping calm and carrying on, is building resilience.

The good news is that we can all develop resilient behaviours, just like we can improve at almost anything if we apply the required effort and adopt a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. A lot of my work with people in business, education, and sport involves helping individuals and teams develop resilience and a ‘growth-mindset’ as a means of achieving sustained and meaningful success. Reducing stress and establishing positive wellbeing habits that ultimately develop resilience, and our ability to ‘bounce-back’ from adversity is also a common theme in my current coaching.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with your new way of living and working you might want to consider incorporating these two wellbeing and resilience-building strategies that into your weekly activities.

1/ CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLES. Elite athletes and successful business leaders are exceptional when it comes to differentiating between things that they cannot do anything about and the things that they can affect-they then focus on the latter! For example, we can control the amount of time we spend reading about Coronavirus on social media and watching the news; we can control the amount of exercise that we do; we can control the amount and quality of food that we eat; and we can improve the quality and quantity of our sleep (so important to positive mental health) by controlling our sleep routines. Recognising that we do have control over many things in our lives can help us change our perspective in ways that improve our emotional lives.

2/ BUILD RELATIONSHIPS TO BUILD RESILIENCE. A good friend of mine once told me that the minute you stop learning, is the minute you stop earning! We can all learn to get better every day by learning from others and if you are finding the current crisis draining, then you can be sure that someone else is feeling the same way. Reaching out to mend broken relationships or looking out for others (as so many are doing right now) can have a hugely positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

We are wired to focus on the negative and constantly focussing on bad news can massively reduce our resilience. Actively turning our attention to the many positives that are happening around us today can help turn this around. Focussing on the good news events around us can build our tendency to see the good things in our lives and this way of thinking is contagious-so let us share the good news.

Matt is Director of Impact Leadership Ltd and motivates people across business, education, and sport to get better at what they do everyday by focussing on improving their resilience and wellbeing. He utilises lessons learnt as a Professional Football Referee (Premier League and FIFA); a successful Headteacher, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and Leadership and Resilience Coach.

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