It’s now six months since the Government reformed the way apprenticeships are both offered and funded in England.  If the subject is on your radar then you might still be left wondering what it’s all about and how does it impacts on the your organisation, the voluntary sector and new apprentice recruits.  Not forgetting that you, as a paid member of staff might benefit from some apprenticeship training to support your professional development. So, it’s not just about young people and new recruits!

With new employer-designed apprenticeship standards being launched all the time, there are programmes and qualifications that now take new recruits and existing staff from entry level 2 training right up to level 6 (degree) and level 7 (masters).

Think of a job role or key word that best describes a potential apprentice role in your organisation, e.g digital marketing and take a look at the database of nationally approved training providers who offer the apprenticeship training and the programmes available.

So, what grants are available to cover the cost of the training or to recruit a young apprentice?

Back in April an ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ was introduced to employers with an annual pay bill of over £3m. These employers now ‘buy’ their training through an on-line digital account. They are liable for 100% of the training costs.

However, if your organisation is under this threshold you’ll fall under the ‘co-investment’ funding model. Headlines are:

  • Government will provide 90% of the apprenticeship training costs and your organisation will pay 10% of the costs direct to the training provider
  • Employers with less than 50 staff can recruit and train 16 to 18 year old apprentices without making a contribution towards the costs of the training and assessment. Government will pay 100% of the training costs for these young people, as well as care leavers and those with learning difficulties and disabilities up to the age of 25. In addition, you will receive a £1,000 incentive payment.

Look out for further updates as this is an area that is undergoing a lot of changes.