About us 

We’re York Centre for Voluntary Service (known as York CVS), we’re an independent charity; supporting and championing York’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to make positive change, challenge issues and grow new ideas for the future in order to strengthen communities.

York CVS works in four key areas:

  1. As a membership body for voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, we bring together, support and represent voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations that are active in York
  2. We promote and celebrate volunteering
  3. We reduce inequality through social action
  4. We work alongside many other people and organisations to improve life in York.


Priorities for the five years 2021 to 2026 are to:

  • support our members by providing information, advice, training, networking and representation
  • promote volunteering of all kinds, from one-off opportunities to long-term links
  • tackle the causes of poverty in York
  • tackle loneliness and encourage a sense of community
  • help people stay well and feel well.


To support our aims, we will:

  • promote equality, diversity and opportunities for all, in everything we do
  • reach out to people with direct, first-hand experience and together find the best ways to make a real and lasting difference: we will co-design, co-produce, co-deliver and empower.
  • work in partnership: we can only deliver this plan by working closely with our members and with partners in the public and private sectors.


First year priorities include:

  • review the city-wide volunteer strategy People Helping People and co-produce a new strategy for the next five years
  • develop ideas for recognising volunteering in York and look for sponsors for a high-profile annual celebration
  • publish a report on volunteering in York
  • establish a Poverty Truth Commission, comprising equal numbers of local decision-makers and York residents with direct experience of the impact of poverty: together, Commissioners will develop actions to tackle the causes of poverty in York.
  • listen to what people say about their own experience of loneliness and – together – agree actions to reduce loneliness and boost the sense of community.
  • co-design innovative services for people with multiple complex needs.


How we are run

York CVS is a Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England (no. 493550) which reports annually to Companies House. The Company Secretary role is currently undertaken by the Chief Executive. York CVS is also a Registered Charity (no. 225087) which must report annually to the Charity Commission.

York CVS  is governed by an unpaid Board of Charity Trustees, who are also Company Directors. They are drawn from our membership or co-opted for their specific skills or experience. The Board of Trustees governs the organisation in accordance with our governing document, the York CVS Articles of Association.