Dementia films, research and blogs

York Dementia Action Alliance members have been involved in producing a range of films about dementia and its impact on people in York. Follow the links below to watch some of the films.

Dementia from the inside

In this film we find out what it might feel like to live with dementia. Viewers will experience a little of what it is like to find yourself in a world that seems familiar and yet doesn’t always make sense. The incidents pictured in this film and memories recounted are based upon true experiences gathered from people living with dementia.


Videos outlining good practice in post diagnosis support for people living with dementia

Five new videos from the Department of Health highlight a range of initiatives to support people with dementia in different areas of England. The videos, which were published for Dementia Awareness Week 2015, give an insight into the successful services across England.


Health Education England guidance for dentists on supporting patients with dementia

A thought-provoking new film aimed at dental professionals to raise awareness of the issues faced by patients with dementia when attending a dental appointment.

A film about Liz

The story of Liz, who has dementia. A film made by Training for Carers and Inspired Youth as part of the ‘Night to Remember’ fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Society.

A story like ours – a creative dementia friendly project

One of the biggest issues facing people living with Dementia and their carers is stigma. If York is to achieve its aim of becoming a dementia friendly city by 2015 then we must continue to change attitudes by engaging with communities and promoting positive messages. A Story Like Ours, funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, is a project working closely with people living with dementia (and their carers) to create a positive portrait exhibition featuring and celebrating local people, their lives and achievements. Everyone has a story to tell and we wanted to use this project to tell those untold stories and inspire others.

The project will also produce three short films featuring local people living with dementia and are designed to raise awareness and support the already excellent work achieved in making York a dementia friendly city.

The films are intended to sit behind a poster campaign created by Inspired Youth working in partnership with Harmony Cafe.

Dementia Companion Cycling Project

A short news item from BBC Look North about a companion cycling project in York led by Get Cycling.

Tune into Dementia

This is a film by Inspired Youth, made with students at Joseph Rowntree School. It was part of the ‘Tuning in to Dementia’ project working in partnership with Hartrigg Oaks, Creative Learning Partnerships (CLP) and Inspired Youth. The project was funded by City of York Council and Joespeh Rowntree Foundation.

Dementia Without Walls

A short film made by Joseph Rowntree Trust in 2012 which features a York couple (where the wife has dementia) looking at some of the things they need to ensure York is a dementia friendly city.

 A dementia friendly film for business

This film was created by four undergraduate volunteers from the University of York in 2014 in collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. They hope that this project will inspire businesses not only in York, but also across the country, to make their city’s amenities more accessible, friendly and inviting to those living with dementia.

‘Breaking thoughts’ – performance by students from Joseph Rowntree School

This is a performance of ‘Breaking Thoughts’, a piece created by students from the Joseph Rowntree School in York, about dementia.

Joseph Rowntree Dementia Without Walls films

In 2012, Joseph Rowntree Foundation produced a number of short films about living with dementia featuring people in York:

Living with dementia – getting a diagnosis

Living with dementia – the importance of community

Living with dementia – getting around

Living with dementia – public transport

Dementia Friends

Information about what Dementia Friends are from the Alzheimer’s Society

Research on dementia

Joseph Rowntree has published a number of reports and blogs on dementia including:

Dementia Friendly Yorkshire – the first steps on a journey

How can ‘positive risk taking’ help build dementia friendly communities?

When dementia happens, it happens to your family says 11 year old Annie

The unique challenges dementia poses to black, Asian and minority ethnic communities

Twenty ways we can adapt to be more dementia friendly

A chance to change the way we think about dementia

We can all do something to break the link between dementia and loneliness

For more blogs and research visit the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website and search for ‘dementia’.


Joseph Rowntree Foundations has also collated range of external links for those wanting to learn about and develop Dementia Friendly Communities.

within their resource hub “Dementia without Walls”