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What is governance and why does it matter?

“It’s all about governance.” That’s the motto of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation’s (Acevo) governance advice service, reflecting the view that nearly all of the challenges encountered by charities have their roots in governance issues.

From financial crises to personnel problems and risk management to strategy-setting, effective governance is central to helping charities through the everyday challenges that they face.

What are the current challenges?

Charities operate in a fast-changing world, and the last few years have seen major shifts that have put increasing pressure on governance standards. The economic downturn has had an impact on all sources of income, whether private or public; at the same time, many charities have begun to explore new areas of activity, from commercial partnerships to public service delivery.

All these changes have created new risks, challenges and opportunities, and it is crucial that boards, together with management teams, have the capability to lead their organisations through the minefield.

How to take advantage of York CVS's free governance hub

In such a tough environment, trustees’ duty to identify and assess risk has never been more important.  In order to book a free, one to one session with Shahida you can get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or call 01904 621133. The sessions will take place every Monday.

In these sessions Shahida can provide insight and tips on how to be effective as trustees. Shahida is able to provide support on areas such as starting a group, developing and growing your organisation, developing board and trustee skills, managing projects successfully, and setting up the right legal structure.

Effective governance brings many benefits. Amongst other things, it can:

  • Keep the organisation true to its identity, vision and values
  • Motivate staff, volunteers and members through exhibiting quality leadership
  • Contribute to the impact of the work undertaken by the organisation
  • Reassure stakeholders about the way the organisation is being run
  • Maintain and enhance wider public confidence in voluntary and community organisations and the sector.

Investing time and effort to strengthen the governance of organisations is something which should take a high priority.

“Shahida has been a great help in setting up our new CIO: In facilitating our discussions and guiding us towards creating a Constitution, she has been clear, focused and kept us to task. Shahida is very able to work with diverse groups of people with varying degrees of experience, and she does so with good humour and clarity. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other voluntary groups who need guidance on governance and other related issues.”

Imelda Havers

Red Tower

Shahida Iqbal

Shahida Iqbal

Director, Manar Associates. Governance Adviser

Shahida has previously worked with York CVS as an Advice and Development Officer and has sound knowledge and experience as well as a good reputation within the sector. Third sector groups will be able to book free, hourly and one to one sessions with Shahida, who will be able to provide advice on a range of subjects relating to governance.

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