Meet our trustees

York CVS is a social action organisation. So we take steps to make positive change, challenge issues and grow new ideas for the future which strengthen communities. Since 1939, York CVS has supported thousands of local charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to do just this. We help them focus on what they do best – making a difference for communities.

We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

Why do trustees matter?

Trustees are ultimately responsible for York CVS: they govern the organisation.  Importantly, they work with the Chief Executive to determine the focus and strategic direction; then they check that the strategic aims are achieved.

What do trustees actually do?

They contribute to the creation of a business plan based on the strategic aims, then check on its delivery. This involves financial management, risk assessment, monitoring and measuring outcomes, reassessing the plan if required, dealing with legalities such as employment law and most importantly, checking how York CVS is meeting the needs of the York VCS in a contemporary, effective and efficient way.

How do trustees do their work?

Bringing their skills, knowledge and experience, they participate in Board meetings.  These are held quarterly, at Priory Street Centre on Wednesdays, starting at 5.30 pm and lasting a couple of hours.  And most Trustees work with individual CVS staff, connecting them with people and issues, providing advice and guidance, chairing or facilitating working sessions.

Can I become a trustee at York CVS?

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or would like to know more, contact our Chair

Who are they?

  • Jane Hustwit, Chair Communications consultant, volunteer
  • Alison Day, Vice Chair Family Fund
  • Rod Peet, Treasurer University of York
  • Matthew Hick National Railway Museum
  • Sally Hutchinson AgeUK York
  • Stephen Ireland Aviva
  • Lional Lennox Solictor
  • Paul Tyack University of York
  • Chris Welch Waterloo Housing Group
  • George Wood York Older People’s Assembly

Trustee observers

  • Cllr Ashley Mason City of York Council
  • Cllr Keith Myers           City of York Council