About us

Since 1939, York CVS has supported thousands of local charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to focus on what they do best –  making a difference.

We provide a range of support, training and advice to help organisations set up, flourish and even finish if they feel their work is done.

Organisations we have worked summarise our work as:

  • Essential
  • A rock of stability
  • Supportive
  • A family
  • Reliable
  • Providing peace of mind

We aim to be at the heart of the local voluntary sector, empowering local people to change local lives. We speak out for the voluntary sector and represent the sector at a local and regional level. Through Volunteering York, we support hundreds of people to volunteer for a wide range of local organisations every week.

What we do  

York CVS enables voluntary organisations to do what they do better through advice and training.

  • Every year, York CVS provides advice to help hundreds of organisations set up, develop and succeed. We also help organisations close down when the time is right.
  • York CVS training helps organisations and individuals develop and enhance the skills they need to succeed. We run a number of training courses and offer bespoke training for organisations in a range of topics.

We connect people who want to volunteer with organisations who need volunteers and bring voluntary organisations together to share ideas and learning.

  • Through Volunteering York we support hundreds of people to volunteer for a wide range of local organisations every week.
  • We also support organisations to effectively recruit and manage volunteers.
  • The York CVS network brings together local voluntary organisations around organisational issues and is a place to build cross sector partnerships, get peer support, hear the latest from the voluntary sector and raise organisation’s profiles.

Our forums give local organisations a voice and we speak out on behalf of our members and the voluntary sector.

  • We facilitate five forums which bring together organisations and individuals to discuss issues and influence local commissioning around a specific topic. These include mental health; children and young people; older people and those with long term conditions; learning difficulties and a voluntary sector forum.
  • We represent York’s voluntary sector in a number of local and regional forums and speak out on issues that affect us.


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Our values

Local: we believe that local decision making and delivery is generally best.

Empowerment: we believe that people are best placed to positively influence the decisions which affect their own lives and the communities in which they live.

Learning: we believe all people are capable of growing, learning and developing throughout their lives.

Working together: we believe that people working together have greater potential to achieve their goals.

Diversity: we believe that our society is enriched by diversity.

Sustainability: we believe in living well today without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

Interdependence: we believe in the interdependence of voluntary and community organisations